CHRISJE (2014)

Mixed Media | Scent HONEY - BURNT WOOD

40 x  46 X 21

multisensory | interactive sound | Scent

on display  at  FREEDOM 2015 (21 april- 11 may 2015)

It's a warm day, a lark is singing and bees buzz, while we can hear children playing in the distance. This peacefull sound changes into the buzz of a B2 bomber. One that emphasizes freedom and summer, the other threat and fear. The lark keeps singing, bees nest in what is available: an empty vegetable box. The child, 'a being between nature and mankind', will keep playing until the effects of war have taken their toll.

The porcelain faces of Chrisje origin from my mother’s doll, named after her brother. She grew up during the war and barely survived the hunger winter. With this multisensory object I tell her story. Memories of a period of light and dark, freedom and war, the vunerable child.