Pilgrim animals (2015-2016)

Sculptures, Booklet, Pilgrim perfume

Pilgrim animals consists out of a series of ceramic animal sculptures, pilgrim tiles and a booklet with their fables. In addition I have developed a pilgrim perfume.

The pilgrim animals are on their way. And inspire everybody during their travels. In the booklet their fables have been noted to

inspire you on your own life journey.


Smell is one of the recurring factors of the sensory experiences I offer in my artwork. With these pilgrim animal series the scent experience is represented by a special pilgrim perfume.

To help us wonder about how nature, forest and ‘being on our way’ smells. The perfume contains plant odors, so called natural essential oils, from the area.

Why Pilgrim animals?

During summertime I live and work in France where our forest house is located next to the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostella. The Pilgrim animals where created in response to this Aveyronese environment.