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project: STILLS

'Experience Driven Innovation'


Thus the discovery can begin. From being a witness to becoming a participant: each object will stimulate each person on a different level.


The word ‘Still’ means alambic and refers to ‘silent’ in the Dutch language.‘Stills’ are also photos of a scene. The leading roles of these scenes are played by fragrances and stories of the plants.

The fragrances used in the stills are originating from essential oils.

The plant- and fragrance stories are based on a cross-reference of objective historical and traditional use, modern properties and subjective experiences of users of the oils.

Each object is a visual and olfactory metaphor of psychodynamic processes of the fragrance.


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The common outcome will be relaxing and give fragrant food for thought.



STILLS on website

'Experience Driven Innovation'


The initiative for this experience-driven innovation website stems from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology.





Project dates:

August 2009 The Stills were presented during the “Levenskunstbeurs’ in august 2009.

March 2010: Stills presented at the international symposium in Grasse, France. Feedback of expert colleagues.

April-October 2010: Tree-Stills at the botanical garden of Utrecht University