TREE heritage Photo series





Tree heritages 2014 at Botanical gardens Pinetum Blijdenstein

Art-, scent- and tree pathway for the blind and visually impaired

Parties involved in the project

Zes zintuigen, scent psychology, Hilversum

Botanical garden Pinetum Blijdenstein, Hilversum

Oogvereniging Nederland


Design, idea, creation: Claudia De Vos

Audio and photography: Frank van Biemen fotografie

Construction weather resistend scentboxes: Frank August de Meijer

Experience expert: Gregory Dunker

Technical development solarcells: Pum Walters

Text editing and press release: Wanda Bade

Project development: Claudia De Vos, Frank August de Meijer (Pinetum),

Gregory Dunker (Oogvereniging Nederland)


Sponsors: Oogvereniging Nederland, Pinetum Blijdenstein, Oogziekenhuis Zonnestraal

Frank van Biemen fotografie (audio realisation and promotional photography)

Sjankara Netherlands (supplier essential oils)


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