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Wig 1700-2012

(NL:P-ruik 1700-2012)


Ceramics, woods, velvet, perfume bottles

Fragrance Eau de cologne, after original recipe (blend natural fragrances)

In 1709 the german perfumer Farina created a perfume using new scents "fresh as a morning stroll in spring". Perfumes can create an image, like fashion, of the person you'd like to be. Perfumes and wigs where worn only by the rich. During the french court of Louis IVX this extra-ordinary and expensive fashion in fragrances and hairdos reached it's hights. When the french revolution on it's way to 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité' came, it was best to smell of sweat. At least if you wanted, besides losing your wig, keeping your head.

In the art object "WIG" fragrance and fashion ask a universal question: "Can freedom be bought with scent?"